14 December 2023

What is WinZip and what is its usefulness?

What is WinZip

What is WinZip

We have obtained detailed information about zip format in our previous articles. We have also learned how zip file can be created in different operating systems.

In this article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar, you will get information about winzip. With the help of WinZip, it becomes quite easy to convert different types of files, folders into zip format and then unzip them again. So let us know about WinZip in detail in this article.

What is WinZip?

WinZip is a software with the help of which you can easily compress different types of files and folders like image files, audio files, video files, text files etc. With the help of this software, compressed files are reduced in size and create a separate container. With the help of WinZip, you can also password protect such compressed files.

For Example, suppose you want to save some image files, some video files, and some text files in a single folder. So that you can use them if needed in future. So you can do this work in two ways.

The first common method could be to create a folder in your device and save all such files in that folder. Now suppose that when you have saved many images, videos and text files in this new folder, then this folder is consuming 3 GB space of your device and if someone else is using your device, then he will be able to access this folder easily.

This means that if you create a folder using the normal method, it consumes a large space on your device and any person can easily use the different types of data files kept inside such a folder.

Now another professional way to save such different types of files in your device can be to select all such files and compress them with the help of WinZip software. By doing this, your file will be converted into zip format and such file will also save 10% to 90% space on your device as compared to before.

If you want, you can also set a password while compressing files with WinZip software. By doing this a password will be required to open your files. Due to which, unauthorized person will be unable to open your zip file.

Features of WinZip:

WinZip is a software with the help of which different types of files and folders can be compressed and converted into Zip format. Later, if required, it can be decompressed and reinstalled. Its main objective is to reduce the size of files and folders and to facilitate sharing through the Internet.

Apart from ZIP format, WinZip software is also used to compress files of ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, 7Z, CAB, TAR, GZIP and other formats. Additionally, WinZip software also provides security related services. With its help, you can also password protect and encrypt different types of files.

Basically WinZip software is used for Windows operating system. Its use is considered quite easy and safe.

Is WinZip software available for free?

WinZip's software is not available for free. If you want to use this software you have to purchase it. However you can use its free version to test it. Which is available for a certain period. You can download this free version software from the official website of WinZip. The link to the official website of WinZip is given below.

WinZip official Website

However, if you want to take advantage of the full features of WinZip software, you need its license. However, if you do not want to spend money, then you can also use software like 7-Zip, PeaZip, and Humsafar instead of WinZip. These are available for free and with their help you can do almost all the tasks which you want to do with the help of WinZip software.

What is the Price of WinZip?

The price of WinZip software may vary from country to country and its prices keep increasing and decreasing at different times. The company selling WinZip software also keeps giving discounts from time to time. Here I am presenting you information about the general price of the year 2023.

WinZip software is available to Indian people at three price ranges which are as follows:

WinZip Standard Suite:

WinZip Standard Suite price in Indian Rupees is 2,596.00.

WinZip Pro Suite:

WinZip Pro Suite price in Indian Rupees is 4,366.00.

WinZip Ultimate Suite:

WinZip Ultimate Suite price in Indian Rupees is 9,438.82.

To know the current prices of WinZip software, you must check their official website.

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