05 December 2023

What is ZIP File and Why Use it

What is ZIP File

What is ZIP File

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Today, many people in India are becoming digitally updated. However, there is a vast amount of fragmented and scattered information in the digital world, making it difficult for people to fully reap the benefits of digitalization. One crucial piece of information among these details is also related to the ZIP File.

Many of us do not know what a ZIP File is, why it is used, and how it works. If you are not familiar with this information, there's no problem at all. In this article from the Jeevan Bima Bazaar, we will provide detailed information about ZIP Files.

Whether you are a mobile user or use a laptop or tablet, I am confident that you have, at some point, downloaded large movie or game files onto your device through various online mediums. Different types of websites and mobile applications often make such files available in ZIP Format.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with ZIP files, you may not be able to take advantage of movies or games in this format. So, let's take some time to understand this topic without wasting any time.

What is a ZIP File?

ZIP is a medium with the help of which many types of PC files and folders are placed in a single file or folder. Which takes much less space than the original file, due to which the size of this new file decreases significantly.

The ZIP File is also known as the "Archive" File and the ZIP File usually comes with ".zip" File extension. Another feature of the ZIP File is also that you can also protect it with a password according to your needs.

Due to low size, it becomes very easy to share zip files through the Internet. The original objective of the ZIP File is to solve the problem of space and storage and with this important files have to provide protection.

With the help of zip, large files are compressed and stored safely and can be used after restoring such ZIP File if needed.

Why use ZIP File?

ZIP File can be used for many reasons, some of the important ones are mentioned below.

Storage and Share: ZIP files allow several types of files and folders to be kept in the same collection, due to which you can keep them safe in your device at your convenience or share it with another person.

Storage Saving: ZIP files reduce its size by compressing data, which saves the location and can easily share data through the Internet or other means.

Protecting Files: ZIP Files help protect data, as you can protect your files from passwords, by doing so you can avoid unauthorized use of your files.

Storage of files: ZIP files take up a convenient way to compress files and folders, which can easily store them and reinstall when needed.

File Sharing: ZIP files allow different types of data files such as images, audio, video etc. to arrange in a pack simultaneously. As a result, it can be shared with the help of email or other online medium.

ZIP files support various operating systems and digital programs, due to which their use is convenient, safe and preferred by people.

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