17 December 2023

How to Download and Install WinZip

How to Download and Install WinZip

How to Download and Install WinZip

WinZip is a software with the help of which you can compress different types of files and also secure from password. In the previous article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar we have known in detail what is WinZip, the features of WinZip and the prices of WinZip are known in detail.

In this article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar, we will learn how you can download WinZip software in your computer and after downloading, how can you install WinZip software.

How to Download WinZip

The best way to download any software is that you use the official website of that software. It is more secure to do so. The second major advantage of downloading a software from the official website is that you are able to download the latest version of that software.

Therefore, we will suggest that if you want to download Winzip software, then you should use its official website. For your convenience, the link of the official website of Winzip is being given below.

WinZip official Website

On the home page of the official website of WinZip, there is an option to buy its software. If you want to buy this software then you should click on the "Buy Now" button. After this, any software (which is useful for you) should be purchased in WinZip Standard Suit, Winzip Pro Suit or Winzip Ultimate Suit.

If you buy Winzip software, you can download and install its genuine software by following the instructions given after purchases. But if you want to check its utilities before purchasing this software, then you should click on the "Try for Free" button on the home page of the official website of WinZip.

On clicking on the "Try for Free" button, a file called Winzip's "winzip28-home.exe" is automatically downloaded to your device.Now you can install Winzip software in your device with the help of this file.

How to Install WinZip

It is very easy to install Winzip software in computer. For this, you should double click on the setup file of Winzip (Winzip28-Home.Exe). After this, a message box will open, the installation process should be started by clicking on the "YES" button in this message box.

The setup instructions should be followed to complete the installation process. In this way you can easily install Winzip software in your computer.

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