08 December 2023

What are the types of ZIP File

What are the types of ZIP File

What are the types of ZIP File

In fact, ZIP files are a type of compress file that works to compress one or more files and folders. The ZIP files usually come with the "zip" file extension.

In this article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar, we will know how many types of zip file can be. So let's get detailed information about this subject.

Standard ZIP Files:

It can have more than one file and folders and use one or more zip algorithms to compress them.

Secure ZIP Files:

When it comes to storing important data or files, it can be compressed with the help of ZIP. Such ZIP Files are secured through passwords.

Secure ZIP Files are characteristic that it can encrypt itself, so that no unauthorized person can use such files in any form. A password is required to open a secure ZIP Files, which can only be handed over to those individuals who are authorized for its use.

Some Secure ZIP Files also use digital signatures to identify data change, so that changes in ZIP files can be identified. Using Secure ZIP Files requires special types of software. Such zip files are considered very useful for the protection of important and sensitive data.

By combining these safety measures, Secure ZIP Files can provide more safety control of users' significant and confidential data.

Split ZIP Files:

Very large files can be easily used as a split ZIP file, so that they can be easily uploaded and downloaded through the Internet.

Split ZIP files work as follows.

Size-Based Splitting:

When the size of a file is more than the required, such a file is divided into different parts, so that each file can come and be 10 mega byte.

Number-Based Splitting:

A limit can be specified to divide into files of specified number, such as confidentiality is divided into three files.

Custom Splitting

If you wish, you can use a custom splitting option to divide the file on specified conditions, such as inclusion of a particular file in each partition.

Self-Extracting ZIP Files

Self-expatructing ZIP files are actually ZIP archives, which do not require any special software or application to open. Such ZIP files carry an execuable file in themselves, due to which they are opened under the automated process when they are opened.

Self-Extracting ZIP files prove useful in many types of needs, such as:

Installation Files:

Self-Extracting zip files are commonly used for installation files of various types of software. So that users can easily download different types of software and use it according to their requirement.

File Distribution:

It is quite easier to share Self-Expatructing ZIP Files. Because when you share a Self-Expatructing ZIP File to a person, that person can open your file without any special software or application cooperation and can use it.

Self-Extracting Archives:

These are called Self-Extracting Archives, which you can open directly without any other auxiliary program.

Self-Extracting ZIP files are often in ".exe" or other execuable formats and are run as an execuable file. When you do double-click on them, then you open yourself at the place you have mentioned. After this you can use them.

Incrypted Zip Files:

Incrypted ZIP files are actually ZIP archives, in which encryption technology is used to secure too much data. Incripted ZIP files are used only from the security point of view, so that the files and data available in such files can be used only by qualified individuals.

Incrypted ZIP files, mainly uses two major type of encryption technology:

Symmetric Encryption

The same key is used for such files. With the help of which a data can be encrypted or decryed. The meaning of saying is that if a person wants to open any such an incipted zip file, then he needs to have a key to open this file.

Asymmetric Encryption

Two types of key are used for such files. A key is called Public Key, with the help of which data can be encrypted. The second key is called a Private Key and with its help the data is decrypted.

The meaning of saying is that private key is required to open the incipted zip file. This private key is only with him which has encrypted it.

In this way, any information and data can be more secure with the help of encrypted zip files. Encrypted zip files have more privacy and security of data stored.

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